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Dragon Box Streaming Media Review

August 30 2017, 23:40pm

Posted by Entrepreneurs Business Ideas

Dragon Box Streaming Media Review

The Dragon Box Media Streaming Review

The Dragon Box is probably one of the most powerful Android TV boxes out there. It’s considered by many as the best Android TV box available now. Today I will review this device. I will also tell you about the cheaper alternatives :


WOW ! This device is amazingly powerful. I tested many TV boxes – but never came across one like The Dragon Box DB5.  It’s fast, plays Full HD videos smoothly, and can easily run any Android app or game (including 3D games !). Sure there are cheaper Android TV boxes online, but they won’t be as powerful. If you don’t want a device that shuts down and won't play videos and movies smoothly – then buy a good device like the Dragon Box. It’s really hard to believe that anyone can be disappointed with this great device.


The Dragon Box device has built-in Bluetooth. You can connect a wireless keyboard (or a mouse) directly to it. There are many other devices that can be connected via Bluetooth. The range is pretty good, but it also depends on the device you are connecting of course. The Dragon Box does use the latest Bluetooth technology, but in my opinion, it is really not significant since most Bluetooth enabled devices (like keyboards and mouses).

Operating System

The Dragon Box media streaming device runs the Android operating system. This means that you can install pretty much any Android game or app on it. There are tens of thousands of great games and apps that can be downloaded for free. Some of them are Pandora, YouTube, Chrome, and others. Android is pretty easy to use (if you already have an Android device then great for you – you are already familiar with how this system works).

I can go on and on, this system has tons more and it’s one amazing device.

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